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Answers For Teens Blog
Monday, 31 October 2016
Now Playing: Have a story to tell then do it.
Topic: Helpful info
 Go to Addiction Unscripted. The good is that it gives you the latest medical findings about addiction - yes, it is a disease. Addiction Unscripted lets you write your story, what you have been going through and what you wish to change. And, more it lets you read the stories of others who are going through the same issues as you. Living with someone who has an addiction deserves to be shared with others. If you don't want to deal with a large web site (https://addictionunscripted.com/) you can talk to someone at 1-888-552-2256 (Ext 101) or Email  Matt@TheRealEdition.com

Posted by answersforteens at 3:40 PM EDT
Wednesday, 7 September 2016
Topic: What Do You Think

This info is good for all of us. Having trouble at home? Angry? Try expressing yourself by writing, painting or composing music. Lets all give three cheers to THE PAINTED BRAIN group. They have the right idea. Here is how they describe themselves:

"We're a collection of visionary artists and writers dedicated to challenging & transforming the discussion on mental illness. We believe in creative advocacy using arts and media. We do this in one way by bringing opportunities not normally available, such as our Academy where people can learn Social Media marketing, web development, and photojournalism. Connect w/us on FB: http://on.fb.me/1QwUyQV  Instagram: http://bit.ly/21jhWCx  ...Pinterest: http://bit.ly/1TsXlIj"

Posted by answersforteens at 12:04 AM EDT
Monday, 8 August 2016
I have some news
Topic: Want You To Know
Have you noticed something new on our web site, www.answersforteens.com ?  The news is that the book, FOR TEENAGERS LIVING WITH A PARENT WHO ABUSES ALCOHOL/DRUGS, can now be purchased as an ebook. The advantage to that is that you can have it on your mobile. If you need a quick answer you can do a control find (ctrl F) and get to the answer quickly. I think this is important if you are upset. Where to get help quickly? What to answer a parent who is mean? Where to go if you need to get out of the house? Go for it. Help yourself and others you know.

Posted by answersforteens at 5:17 PM EDT
Thursday, 7 July 2016
Something new
Topic: Can't hurt to look into it
There is so much info available about addiction and only some about those living with someone who suffers from addiction. The bigee is that addiction tends to run in families. Recent studies have shown that teenagers who have an interest in activities such as sports, belonging to a church group, doing volunteer work, building models etc. - you get the idea - do not show an interest in alcohol/drugs. What do you like to do? Pick something you truly enjoy. Explore what is available in your community and go for it.

Posted by answersforteens at 2:01 PM EDT
Tuesday, 7 June 2016
Topic: GO FOR IT
I often think of teenagers who live far from a town or in a small town where there are not many facilities. Many teenagers don't have access to the Internet. Oh, how I wish that those youngsters could also visit this web site. If you know someone who has the same problem as you, living with someone who suffers with addiction, invite them to view your Internet. Spend time with them. Visit Alateen on line with them. Let them browse our blogs here. Help them to look up any information that will make their lives better. Go For It.

Posted by answersforteens at 3:45 PM EDT
Sunday, 15 May 2016
Topic: GO FOR IT

TEXT, TALK, ACT lets you get together with others who want to discuss abuse, addiction and about having a tough time at home

Gather your friends for this national dialogue to talk about the importance of taking care of your mental health - and how to help a friend in need - all through a fun and creative text-based dialogue!  text START to 89800. See more at: http://creatingcommunitysolutions.org/texttalkact#sthash.3qOMMCf9.dpuf

 Contact Raquel Goodrich at rgoodrich@email.arizona.edu for additional information -

A big thank you to the University of Arizona National Institute for Civil Discourse and their many partners for sponsoring TEXT, TALK, ACT


  • May 21st (with the National Hook-Up of Black Women)
  • The month of June (with 4-H chapters across the country)
  • - See more at: http://creatingcommunitysolutions.org/texttalkact#sthash.3qOMMCf9.dpuf


  • May 21st (with the National Hook-Up of Black Women)
  • The month of June (with 4-H chapters across the country)
  • - See more at: http://creatingcommunitysolutions.org/texttalkact#sthash.3qOMMCf9.dpuf
    Join us on  in Text, Talk, Act, and invite your friends. Bring your friends, family and peers together to take part in this nationwide event. When your group is ready, text START to 89800. - See more at: http://creatingcommunitysolutions.org/texttalkact#sthash.3qOMMCf9.dpuf

    Posted by answersforteens at 2:43 PM EDT
    Updated: Sunday, 15 May 2016 3:06 PM EDT
    Thursday, 14 April 2016
    Something to think about
    Topic: It can change your life
    Melinda Gates said a terrific thing which was quoted on Twitter: GOALS ARE ONLY WISHES UNLESS YOU HAVE A PLAN.

    Posted by answersforteens at 2:57 PM EDT
    Thursday, 7 April 2016
    Why you should join Alateen or In The Rooms
    Topic: Don't be a loner

    Some teens say they don't like to join groups. Why should they talk about their problems to other people? It's embarrassing.

    It is not embarrassing. Your problem is not unique. According to National Association for Children Of Alcoholics "1 in 4 under the age of 18"  suffer living with parents who abuse alcohol and other drugs. "The worst part is, <teens> can't help themselves. "  But groups can. Call (toll-free) at 1-888-554-COAS to learn more about what help is available in your town or on line. Join Alateen, join In The Rooms. Join. Join

    Posted by answersforteens at 6:43 PM EDT
    Monday, 21 March 2016
    Summer is coming
    Topic: THINK FUN

    Summer will be here very soon. Those of you who have the opportunity to go away for the summer may want to look into PROJECTS ABROAD. You live in a foreign country while doing volunteer work where needed. Want more info:

    Projects Abroad is a global leader in short-term international volunteer programs with projects in 30 countries and recruitment offices in the UK, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Holland, Hong Kong, Norway, Poland, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden and the United States.

    For details on volunteering abroad, visit Projects Abroad's web site at www.projects-abroad.org. 

    If you go let us know how you liked it. Just visit this blog again and click on post comment

    Posted by answersforteens at 3:20 PM EDT
    Updated: Monday, 21 March 2016 3:33 PM EDT
    Saturday, 20 February 2016
    Topic: It can change your life

     Some teens think pot is better than alcohol. Wrong, wrong. Neither is good. Here is some brief info from a recent study.

    A recently completed study of 20 years of research on cannabis use refuted the arguments many of marijuana advocates by proving the detrimental effects of chronic marijuana use. Novus Medical Detox (http://www.novusdetox.com/), one of the only Florida-based detox centers (http://www.novusdetox.com/) serving high-dosage drug abuse patients, maintains that the study’s results are indicative of marijuana’s true nature and the danger the substance poses to American society – as such, Novus discourages further legalization and increased public access which the facility maintains will only further contribute to the nation’s already rampant drug use and high levels of addiction.

    Here is some more info:

    • Habitual users can develop a dependence syndrome, found in around one in 10 of all cannabis users and one in six among those who start in adolescence.
    • Regular cannabis users see a doubled risk of experiencing psychotic symptoms and disorders – specifically those with a personal or family history of psychotic disorders, and if they start using cannabis in adolescence;
    • Young adults who are cannabis users “have lower educational attainment than non-using peers, but it’s [unknown] whether the link is causal”;
    • Use marijuana frequently as a young adult “approximately doubles the chance of being diagnosed with schizophrenia or reporting psychotic symptoms in adulthood.” (1) 



    Posted by answersforteens at 3:25 PM EST

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