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Answers For Teens Blog
Friday, 21 March 2014
Trigger points
Topic: Something to consider
Have you ever heard of the phrase "trigger point?" You probably can guess the meaning. To define it loosely it means something that freaks you out. Trigger points can be too many bills. Family members not listening. Something as simple as a broken dish. You get the point. If you have parents who suffer from addiction anything that freaks them out will drive them to take whatever substance they use. It's their coping mechanism. A bad mechanism. People who do not suffer from addiction have other ways of coping - they 'll shout, go running and/or think it through and so on.  Have you ever thought of your trigger points and how you cope with them? It may help you to deal with life.

Posted by answersforteens at 1:32 PM EDT
Friday, 2 March 2012
Three months later
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: Resolutions
Topic: Something to consider
Hello, it's hard to believe that new year's was a long time ago. Some of us made resolutions. Did we succeed in keeping them? I have a theory about new year resolutions. They are more like a wish list. I wish I could get better grades. I wish my parent would stop drinking. So on new year's eve we say full of hope I am going to get better grades. I am going to see what I can do about my parent's drinking. But it is not as easy as that. What we need to say is "What do I need to do inorder to get better grades? And, how am I realistically going to accomplish that?" Or, for the parent's drinking one needs to ask, "What can I do to help myself? What organizations should I join? Where can I get advice to find out what I can say to my parent to make him or her realize how sick he/she is?" Nothing is easy in life. Most wishes are doable if we think them through. That's the tough part.

Posted by answersforteens at 2:36 PM EST
Tuesday, 3 January 2012
Have compassion
Mood:  bright
Topic: Something to consider

I had to go for my annual check up and while waiting for the doctor his nurse, Christie, talked to me. She proudly told me that she has just written a book. I want to share the book, Christian’s Story, with you. It is something everyone can relate to. I do want to state though that there is lots of help available. You have to be open to help. Unfortunately the biggest disease is denial. However, once you admit that there is a problem in your family and you do not have to keep it a secret you will also notice that AA, Al-Anon, Alateen, Children of Alcoholics and more are available. The resource list in the book, FOR TEENAGERS LIVING WITH A PARENT WHO ABUSES ALCOHOL/DRUGS is 20 pages long. What is hard is watching the abuser of alcohol/drugs damage him/herself and hurt the family.


Why won’t daddy stop drinking?

Triumph over alcohol seen through the eyes of a child

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo. – Interventions didn’t work. The first two stints in rehab didn’t work. Not even jail time could convince Christie L. Appel’s son to stop drinking. And who was most affected? His children.

Appel tells the story of what lead her son to sobriety through the eyes of her grandson in her new book, Christian’s Story. Throughout this emotional journey, Christie discovered there isn’t much assistance for children of addicts. She wants this book to help the smallest victims of addiction.

“When Keith started struggling with alcoholism it became a family problem, but we didn’t have the tools to make sense of it all,” says Appel. “It became clear that I was a co-dependent and an enabler. As a family, we all had to do our part.”

The Appel family wants Christian’s Story to bring faith and encouragement to children who have been affected by alcoholism. Their story has a happy ending and shows that miracles can happen.

“Addiction has been a generational problem with my family and it became time to draw a line in the sand,” Appel says. “It was a devastating time in all our lives, but we are recovering one day at a time.”

Alcoholism doesn’t just affect the alcoholic, but the entire family. Christian’s Story lets children know it’s not their fault and there is hope.

Christian’s Story: Our Family’s Triumph Over Alcohol

By Christie L. Appel

32 pages

Paperback 11 x 8.5, retail price: $19.99

ISBN: 9781467877213

Available at and

About the author

Christie L. Appel is a practicing RN, CLNC at Yampa Valley Medical Associates in Steamboat Springs, CO. She was raised in Steamboat and continues to live there with her husband, Larry.Christie has a real passion for her family. She is truly blessed to be writing this story with a happy ending. By sharing this story, she tries to provide faith, hope and encouragement to all who read it.

# # #

Posted by answersforteens at 5:43 PM EST
Wednesday, 7 December 2011
Mood:  cool
Topic: Something to consider


The holiday season is always an excuse for drinking and drugging. But then people who suffer from addiction will always find an excuse to satisfy their cravings. If you are in a home where the addictive habits really burst forth during the holidays there are several preparations you and your siblings can do.

  1. Make a list of relatives and friends whom you feel comfortable visiting. Phone them and ask if in an emergency you could stay with them.
  2. Always let your parents know where you are spending the night. Don’t just tell them but also write the name, address and phone number down and safety pin the paper on your bed. If your parents have email send it to them as well.
  3. If you have no place to go have the phone numbers of your local Alcoholics Anonymous, and other addiction help centers available in case you need to talk to someone.
  4. If all else fails be prepared to phone 911.
  5. Depending on your relationships with your mother and father, the holidays are sometimes a good time to discuss what worries you about your parents’ habits. It is important to talk to your parents in a positive and non-insulting way. For example instead of saying, “I hate it when –“ you might say, “I really worry when you ---, or “My feelings hurt when you ---“. 

We are also living through financially difficult times which may be adding more stress to our families. Lets try and be grateful for the good things we do have. It may also be a good time if you are affiliated with a church or synagogue to talk to your clergyman about your personal concerns. Make some plans of your own where you can let off some steam. Is there a pool near your home? Bowling Alley? A gym? You get the idea. Get some healthy activities going outside of your home. Have some fun. To all my web site visitors a healthy, prosperous and peaceful new year. May you find the strength within you to make your wishes come true. Believe in yourself.

Posted by answersforteens at 1:23 AM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 7 December 2011 1:32 AM EST
Wednesday, 26 October 2011
Might Be Of Interest To You
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: Something to consider

I just received this email which I want to share with you.

Site Sponsored Academic Scholarship Contest Inside

Sometimes making your dream come true is just as simple as getting the right information or making the right contact, and the popular social networking website,, is doing just that – helping high school students and young college-aged adults take proactive steps towards their futures – one dream at a time.
There are a number of social websites on the Internet today, but Your LifeBox sets itself apart from the pack with the site’s central mission: to help young members connect with other members by promoting their dreams and seeking the support of their peers through social outreach. The site provides a special feature called, the YLB Wish, a forum to ask site community members for their support or a connection, non-monetary to help them fulfill their passions and goals., a site that currently boasts over fifteen-hundred members was founded by young, Manhattan born, Internet entrepreneur Jonathan Bullard, who says, "When I created Your LifeBox I wanted users to have the functionality of popular social utility websites, but with an important twist – to focus on sharing their dreams, passions and ambitions in their profile, with the added benefit to ask for something non-monetary – something practical, like a social connection, opportunity or introduction, to find support from other members to help make their dreams a reality.”
Jonathan was inspired to create Your LifeBox based on his belief that we all have the ability, but that many are lacking the opportunity to reach full potential. “There are so many talented individuals in the world who have ideas and dreams that never become a reality because they are in an environment that does not support their dreams and hopes. A simple thing like positive encouragement and support can potentially change the world for people who might be otherwise neglected or ignored,” states Bullard.
Along with the YLB Wish, Your LifeBox offers a multi-faceted, social utility for members to create their own profiles, make friends, manage their messages, blogs, invites and interactive commentary. Members who share a common goal, concern or interest can create a network of friends and contacts to offer guidance and support to each other, and can also add links to their videos and broadcasts on YLB TV.
Your LifeBox has already been used as a vehicle for users to take steps and find support towards achieving their goals. Celia Flores, a user of Your LifeBox, shared her dream on the site with the hope that someone could help her fulfill it. Celia, wanting to apply to be a physician’s assistant, realized she needed health care shadowing experience to get into Physician’s Assistant school but did not have a connection in that industry. Through Your LifeBox, she received information from a doctor regarding a shadowing opportunity that he could facilitate for her.
Another member, Dean Kabeli, a recent graduate of Valencia film school had a dream of working in New York City in the TV/Film industry.  He was contacted by another member who provided him job information and listings for his field in New York City and he ended up landing an interview with a production company.  
In addition to individual support, Your LifeBox founder Jonathan Bullard, who is also pursuing his masters degree in business and finance, stays connected to the education and college community by helping to sponsor career oriented campus events. Most recently, the company congregated with over 750 college students at the University of North Carolina for an event designed to teach advertising and marketing strategies and to develop personal selling and communication techniques in preparation to become marketing representatives for fortune 500 companies. Part of the event’s theme sponsored by Your LifeBox, enabled students to share their dreams, goals, ambitions and passions at Your in a public arena through photos, video and print with the network of participating students.
Bullard is excited by the recent upturn in membership for the website and has been implementing a number of growth strategies in the past few months including Internet, viral and word of mouth marketing. Your LifeBox is also focused on growing partnerships with those who share the same vision for the site, and encourage business, organizations, public figures and potential investors to create a professional page as a point of connection with site members for career networking opportunities.  In return Your LifeBox exchanges free advertising, PR, promotion of products and services and other benefits as of way of saying thanks for supporting site member’s dreams.   
In support of student academic goals, Your LifeBox has now launched a program to reward scholarships to participating members, with the first scholarship award of $1000.00 dollars to be given out this Summer, and on a quarterly basis throughout the year. The scholarship winner will be chosen based on their Dream, and how many votes they receive for their profile.
To enter, users will be asked to fill out a complete profile, post a picture, insert their school into the school section and under YLB wish, type $1000 scholarship.
How to win a YLB ( Scholarship
To compete for’s current scholarship award, site visitors are asked to:
- Log on to and fill out a complete profile, including a picture and dream
- Include attended school under the school section on the profile page
- Insert $1,000 tuition scholarship under the YLB wish section on the profile page
- Get people to vote on their profile by sharing their dream with everybody
Connect with Your Life Box at: and


Posted by answersforteens at 12:01 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 26 October 2011 12:04 PM EDT

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